Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fresh Local Garlic and Blue Cheese Bison Burgers

There's nothing quite like the pungent taste of fresh, local garlic. Our new neighbour brought us some a few weeks ago. This stuff can go a pretty long way given it's strength. You could use much less than called for and still get an intense overall flavour in any dish. It's also a lot juicier than the regular garlic you'd buy at a supermarket. This time of year, local garlic is pretty easy to find. In fact, we were in the Byward Market a few days ago and most of the stalls had a ton of braided garlic (for insanely hight tourist prices mind you – $30 for 16 bulbs or so – a little too insane for me). But if you do come across some for a decent price, I highly recommend picking up a few bulbs.

We stuffed some lovely bison meat with one clove and some gorgonzola and topped it all with arugula. Fresh green beans on the side and voilà! So yummy!


GarlicBOSS said...

What an excellent meal

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