Sunday, August 30, 2009

Smoked Ribs with Cornbread and Grilled Peaches

It poured rain all day long yesterday so a heavy, comforting meal was the perfect way to remove the lingering chill. My husband made one of his many specialties, smoked ribs. I've raved about these ribs before so I won't bore you with the details. But if you haven't seen the post, I highly recommend checking it out. He makes the most amazing rub and then smoking them on top of that is just the best! They were still as good (if not better) last night as they were first time he served them to me.

My friend Zoya wanted to contribute to the meal as well. She knew that cornbread was often served with ribs, so we searched for a relatively simple recipe. We ended up finding a VERY easy one on, and it went beautifully with the ribs. If you read the reviews for this recipe, most people added more cream corn, so we did as well and it turned out great. We also added some chopped fresh jalapeno and a bit of maple syrup. Yummy! I think this now has to become a regular with the ribs going forward. In additon, my husband made mouthwatering garlic mashed potatoes, carrots and beans sprinkled with lemon juice, butter and salt. We were so stuffed, we could barely sit up in our chairs.

We waited a bit before moving onto the final course, a decadent dessert of grilled peaches topped with mascarpone and a balsamic drizzle. A few nights ago my husband threw some peaches on the bbq and served them to me dripping with maple syrup and cream. My reaction to the dessert inspired the one he made last night. Super easy but so impressive. My mouth is still watering.

And what would an evening such as this be without the right wine. We sipped on quite a few. All worth mentioning.

Zoya and Marc brought this delicious 2004 Rioja, La Montesa.

Leftover from the night before, we had a few sips left of yet another fantastic Rioja, 2005 Muga.

Currently my favourite wine, and mentioned in a previous post, the Robertson Winery Wolfkloof Shiraz from South Africa. And last but definitely not least, Deakin Estate's Australian Victoria Shiraz.


marysol said...

la montesa!
we had it some years ago at absinthe, when it was still on holland. it was absolutely delicious.

then bought some for home and it was so so. we have some bottles sitting in the basement, we'll see if a few years make them good.

that peach dessert seems to die for! the picture is beautiful too.

Rachelle said...

that's odd eh? I wonder, was it the same year?

the peach dessert was definitely awesome. i do love the picture too. i almost didn't post the actual dinner because it's a terrible picture in comparison. In fact, i think i may remove it. it really doesn't do the plate justice.