Monday, August 10, 2009

Dumplings, Seaweed Salad and Kimchi

Inspired by our meal on Friday night, my husband picked up some kimchi and seaweed salad at the Korean Market today. With that, he served one of my favourite things, dumplings from Dong Ling, a fantastic little hole in the wall that I've blogged about before. If you're lucky enough, with your purchase of tasty dumplings, you may also get offered a hot pork patty, kind of like a Jamaican patty but greasier and so yummy. These dumplings are pretty easy to make. Simply place them in a deep frying pan, add about an inch of water around the dumplings and steam them with the lid on for about 5 minutes, or until the water runs dry. Then add a bit of sesame oil, sesame seeds and green onion and fry them until the bottoms are golden brown. I've actually cooked them before and did a fantastic job of it, which is rare for me. So if I can do it, anyone can. But I must say, I still can't get that perfect crispness that my husband gets every time. I prefer when he cooks them more!

Along with this wonderful dish was also a pretty great wine, recommended to me by Marysol, a woman who blogs about her wonderful meals and makes my mouth water on a regular basis. Thanks for the suggestion, we really enjoyed the wine! I'll be getting this one again and again.


Don said...

You've a wonderful tour of the orient there: pot sticker dumplings (northern Chinese), kimchi (Korea), and seaweed salad (Japan).

I have to try kimchi with dumplings from Dong Ling sometime. Everything from that magical "hole in the wall" is made from scratch. As you noted in your post, the owner is super friendly too :)

Rachelle said...

I love all Asian foods. This was definitely a fun combination.

Lance said...

Hi Rachelle, sorry to burden your blog witha request, I could not see contact info. I noticed your blog and is usually a good way to get the city vibes for me. I am taking 4 kids to Ottawa for 2 days, these kids are young but raised in around restaurants. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for us locally. Typically, when I am in town, I go to Becktas the whalesbone or Domus or some cheap Pho or tavern which I can't remember the name.

I am pretty set for dinner at Murrays will be a no brainer. I'm looking for a good breakfast fair, Bennies's bistro ? On week days... Also looking for a place I could take out a good panini or any good street food to go ? Between the war, the civilisation museum any museum restuarnt worth my wallet ?

Big thanks


treesaw said...

Ooh, this looks yummy. I still have to go to that magical place with the awesome dumplings!

And in response to one of Lance's questions - the best takeout sandwiches in town (in my opinion) are at a little hole-in-the-wall Italian grocer just off Preston Street called Di Rienzos. Address is 111 Beech St.

Rachelle said...

Ha! I just tried to post my reply and it was too many letters! I'm going to reply in a few posts:

No burden at all! I love offering suggestions.

Sounds like you already know the best places to go! In addition to those restaurants, I’d recommend the following:

By far, Murray Street Kitchen, but it’s Saturday and Sunday only.

I haven’t had Benny’s Bistro breakfast before but it’s on my list of places to try and I’ll guarantee it’s a fabulous breakfast because there’s no way people that make food as good as they do could screw up breakfast. I’ve seen the menu and it looks really great. I believe they only do Saturday and Sunday as well.

Jak’s kitchen used to be open only on Saturday and Sunday for Brunch but recently opened for breakfast during the week. I love their breakfast too. It’s a teeny tiny spot but you shouldn’t have any problems getting a table during the week. They’re on McLeod and Bronson. Not far from the War Museum.

Rachelle said...

For a quick sandwich, the place Teresa recommended, Di Rienzo’s is perfect and down off Preston in Little Italy, which isn’t far from the museum either. Be warned tho, Preston is under construction!

If you don’t mind travelling down to Kent and Argyle (still in centertown but just a little off the beaten path), the Whalesbone cash and carry does fish sandwiches between 11 and 2 on Friday and Saturday only. You have to have one! It’s only $5.50 and sooooo worth it!
Ask them if they have any smoked oysters available and pick some of those up for a snack later! So yummy.

In the market is a place called Ahora, inexpensive for the great food you get. It’s in the basement but is so bright and colourful inside it makes up for it. Cafeteria style ordering but totally worth it.
Also a good place for dinner.

If you happen to be downtown near bank and laurier, at 219 bank street there’s a place called Grace Ottawa, they have wigs and stuff in the window, lots of weird stuff. But you can pop in for a Jamaican patty for I believe a dollar or two. They are really good and easy and quick!

Benny’s Bistro does a fantastic lunch! Probably one of my favourite in Ottawa.

Fuscian on Somerset near Booth (very close to the war museum) is one of my favourite Vietnamese places.

And just down the street on the other side of booth (still on somerset) is a dumpling restaurant that I enjoy called Northern 2.

If you’re at the National Gallery, they have a cafeteria in there and the food is good, they have a small salad buffet, sandwiches and a few hot plates. But what makes it great is the patio and the view. If you don’t want to visit the Gallery you can just go to where you purchase tickets and ask for a restaurant pass, that way you can get in without paying. And it’s just on the other side of the bridge from the museum of Civilization.

Rachelle said...

Canvas (which I believe does a tapas menu every second month and is on right now)
They’re in Westboro which isn’t too far from the War Museum, but not walking distance.

Shanghai has a great atmosphere and awesome food. They’re on somerset and bronson.
And if they’re too busy, two doors down is Mekong, also very good.

Chez Lucien has fantastic hamburgers. And is a great cozy little bar. They’re located in the market, not too far from Civilization on the Ottawa side.

I love Navarra, but it’s a smaller spot. A bit more quiet.

Sweetgrass would be fabulous. They’re in the market. They bring popcorn to the table when you get there.

If it’s a really beautiful day and you are driving and don’t want to spend all your time indoors, could I recommend a drive to Chelsea to the Smokehouse:
They have tons of different kinds of smoked fish, all to die for. You could pick up a small platter and some crackers and head over to gatineau park for a picnic!

Lancelot said...

You are an angel my dear !

Couldn't ask for more (except maybe the best coffee brew in town ???), love the fact that there is ethnic choices in there, an Ottawa force IMO. Whalesbone perch rolls to go ! I didn't even know.

Rachelle said...

Ohhh, Francesco's Coffee Company at 857 Bank St in the Glebe, just past 5th avenue. They roast their own coffee. This would be pick #1.

Also Morala at 734 Bank is delicious, that's what we use in our machine at home.

Benny's Bistro serves illy coffee and so does La Bottega on George street in the market. Actually, La Bottega makes a pretty nice sandwich to take out at lunch too. It's massive, and inexpensive.

Have fun!

Rachelle said...

I have one more coffee place to add to your list, it's maybe a bit out of the way but sounds worth it. I haven't gone but read about it this morning on Would probably be worth checking out.

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