Saturday, August 8, 2009

Korean Kalbi BBQ

Pretty much since the day we moved into our house, our neighbours have been raving about these bbq ribs that friends of theirs make. You would love them – they'd say. We have to get you over one night to try them. Well, last night was the night, almost 4 years later. It's kind of an odd situation, our neighbours friends were the ones cooking. The chef of these truly sensational ribs – Hae Sung (I hope to god I spelled that correctly – if I didn't you can blame Jean, he gave me the spelling!), a super friendly Korean woman who really knows how to prepare these richly seasoned dishes.

The entire meal was a feast to say the least. Along with the aromatic and highly flavourful kalbi (marinated and grilled ribs), Hae Sung served chap chae, a tangle of cellophane noodles mixed with vegetables, meat and eggs – so yummy, namul (a bean sprout salad), kimchi (pickled cabbage), shoga (pickled ginger), takuwan (pickled radish), and another of my favourites, a seaweed salad. Our neighbours also included a selection of sushi rolls to this already mind-blowing dinner. This is like my dream meal. I can't rave enough about every single thing I ate. I seriously couldn't stop. I was so into my food I barely made it into any of the conversations going on around me.

I didn't even think about saving room for dessert! But when a crisp apple crumble was presented, I couldn't help but dig in. Little did the hostess know, this is one of my all-time favourite desserts.

My husband and I brought a magnificent wine that was highly recommended by Jean-Marc, one of my co-workers and personal sommelier. Robertson Winery Wolfkloof Shiraz from South Africa. It was amazing, and I'm very sad to say that my husband and I were the only red wine drinkers in the house. The good news? We got to have it all to ourselves. Although I would have really enjoyed sharing, it would have been the least I could do to thank them all for such a wonderful and fun night. My mouth still waters at the thought of it all. Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

excellent review, where is this re


Rachelle said...

haha! 2 doors down from my place! be warned, it takes a very long time to get in!