Sunday, August 9, 2009

Murray Street

I just had the absolute best breakfast I have ever had. I've reviewed Murray Street before, I knew it would be great. But I could never have imagined it being this great! Which is why i'm re-reviewing it and bumping up my rating to 5 stars. The breakfast menu in itself is pretty amazing, and the food does not disappoint. With rare additions like Glengarry Celtic blue cheese, garlic maple syrup, in-house smoked belly and pork brisket, why anyone would go for standard bacon and eggs is beyond me. And although each dish has it's own unique variations, they all still offer that comforting feeling you would get from traditional breakfasts.

They started us off with a sampling trio of tasty breads – banana and chocolate chip, chocolate and walnut and the most amazing bread pudding I've ever had, warm and sweet.

Then came our breakfast. I think mine was the best of all and actually made the rest of the table jealous. If you're having a hard time deciding what to get, go with A Brisket... A Basket, you will fall in love. Smoked, grilled heritage pork brisket, garlic maple syrup, in-house brioche-cheddar french toast and poached Beking's egg. The textures and flavours in this dish are to die for. The rich moistness and fattiness of the pork was heightened by the smoking process and paired with caramelized roasted garlic and french toast bathed in garlic maple syrup, made this dish one I will truly never forget. I also ordered a side of their baked beans, which was the perfect accompaniment.

My husband ordered the Steak and Eggs, grilled Kerr's skirt steak (sliced med-rare), in-house steak sauce, baked Beking's farm fresh eggs, Glengarry Celtic blue cheese and toast.

And Donnie ordered the Fritztatta, skillet baked eggs, in-house smoked belly and sausage, Pine River extra old cheddar, sun dried tomatoes, spaetzle and toast.

Breakfast is $12 for all meals – amazing deal for the quality and local ingredients. Side choices include Seasonal Fruit, Art-is-in Grilled Bread, In-house Sausage, Baked Beans, Cretons, Murray Street Ketchup or Strawberry Jam and Freshly Baked Pastries all ranging from $2 to $7. They also have delicious fresh squeezed orange juice. A fantastic patio in the back, simple and cozy decor inside and great service make this place a must for Saturday or Sunday brunch. I'll be back for sure!

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Alana said...

This place is amazing isn’t it? We had the breakfast cassoulet recently and some charcuterie for brunch, it just makes it harder to avoid drinking wine that early in the day!

Rachelle said...

Tell me about it! I'm an idiot for waiting so long to go. Now I want to go every weekend. And yes, I can see that being a problem, especially if it's later in the morning/early afternoon and you're sitting on the patio.

Adrienne said...

Okay! I just booked Murray Street for Sunday for a lunch-with-gals! hope its good! ;)

Rachelle said...

Sweet! you will LOVE it!

Alana said...

How was it Adrienne?

Adrienne said...

We all loved it! my friend got the smoked trout and two of us got the chacutterie (sp?) salads with elk sausage and quebec cheddar...
thanks for the tip!

p.s. we are all students/unemployed/looking for work/generally poverty the price was right too!