Saturday, August 1, 2009

BBQ Chicken Breast and Greek Salad

I know I haven't posted since Tuesday. I probably won't be doing much posting this weekend either. My husband is away and my meals are just not worthy of a post. I think Thursday night was leftover bad Chinese. But last night I got a meal that deserved it! Teresa and I had dinner at my friend Gina's house. Gina is similar to me in that she doesn't cook very often. The difference tho is that when she does, it turns out great.

She marinated some chicken breast in PC's Memory of Greece and then threw them on the bbq. It was so juicy and super tasty. As we said last night, if it's been marinated, you can't go wrong, always turns out pretty good. She served it with a yummy greek salad that instead of feta, used a decadent cheese she bought at the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company. A Lemon Fetish Sheep “Feta” (you can't really call it feta). I copied this off their web site: Imagine a fresh curd sheep milk cheese heavily infused with freshly grated lemon zest and finished in Pioneer Red Fife Wheat and you will have conjured up a vision of this unique cheese! Even the Chef’s at Rideau Hall love it. It was recently served to the visiting Emperor and Empress of Japan at a Rideau Hall dinner held in their honour!

It was a fantastic cheese. I didn't want to put it on my salad, I just wanted to eat it as is. And then for dessert, Teresa brought some strawberries that she drizzled in balsamic and sugar. I've never had that before. I thought it would be weird but it was actually pretty awesome. You've really got to try it.

Last but not least, I picked up this really great Chianti in the vintages section at LCBO. It went perfectly with our meal. We got to finish dinner on Gina's lovely patio but the wine still had a few sips left when we had to move it back inside because of the rain. This summer, if you can finish your meal without getting any drops, it's a great night.

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