Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lime and Cilantro Mussels and Lobster

Of course our last dinner out East included lobster. Why anyone would think anything else is beyond me. My father-in-law and his wife treated us to a heavenly finale the last night of our vacation. Since I’ve already done quite a few posts on lobster (once you’ve seen one little lobster face staring back at you, you’ve seen them all), I decided to focus on our appetizer – marvelous mussels.

I’ve had some pretty good mussels in my life. I’ve also had some pretty boring ones. I find they don’t always take on the flavour they’re cooked in. But these ones! Oh these ones were definitely some of the best. Mostly due to the fact that they did take on the flavours they were cooked in so nicely. Lime and cilantro (my favourite herb!) – really did these mussels justice. To the lime and cilantro, Brenda added some fresh chopped garlic, white wine, cream and a splash of hot sauce, for the most appetizing mussels ever!

She paired this dish up with a delicious fruity wine she brought back from BC, 2007 Kerner from Oliver Twist Estate Winery.

And with the lobster, probably the best accompanying wine out there, an oaky 2006 Okanagan Chardonnay from the Burrowing Owl Estate Winery.

We gobbled up our lobster with some side coleslaw and potato salad. And if that wasn’t enough, ended the evening with an ice cream from Tingley’s (actually the Dundonald Dairy Bar now, but everyone still calls it Tingley’s). Thanks guys for an unforgettable last dinner!


Anonymous said...

Just a friendly correction - 'mussels' are what you had as your appetizer. 'Muscles' are what you work out in the gym! Sorry - I'm an editor at heart!

I love your blog! Your photos are gorgeous!

Rachelle said...

HILARIOUS! that's what I get for trying to squeeze in my posts after a 12 hour drive! Thanks for that! Even my husband, who normally catches everything as soon as it's posted didn't catch that one (i'm blaming the long drive!)

All fixed! thanks again! (how embarrassing)

Jon and Krista said...

Great post!

My fiance is in love with lime and cilantro, I think she is going to try out a version of her own tonight!

Mussels can be pretty cheap here in Seoul.


Rachelle said...

I just noticed you're from Regina. Hope you can catch the grey cup in Seoul!