Monday, August 3, 2009

Braised Beef Short Ribs

Oh my god we ate well last night. I've been reminiscing about the whole thing all morning. When my friend Dino invited us over for dinner and said he was just testing out a recipe, I knew it would be good. But I couldn't have imagined it being this good! This meal was seriously to die for.

He started us off with some cheese and grapes. As the night went on so did the slow cooking of the beef short ribs, which is really what makes this dish so good – 4 to 7 hours of cooking. There is no way any word can describe how delicious this meal was. You honestly had to be there. The meat literally fell off the bone and was so tender and juicy it would make any vegetarian change their ways. The fattiness of the meat just added to it's overall flavour and moistness and the vegetables served further heightened the taste sensation – grilled zucchini and pureed parsnip.

A refreshing arugula salad with high quality olive oil, lemon and parm accompanied this heavenly plate.

Dino heated the lemons before squeezing the juice from them. And the olive oil was from Dean and Deluca in NYC.

And of course, what good would a meal like this be without the perfect wine? And boy did we have the perfect wine!

2005 Alegoria Cab Sauvignon from Argentina – amazing.

And a fabulous French wine worth every penny – Château Haut-Sarpe Saint Emilion grand cru classé 2004.

Thank you Dino for yet another jaw-dropping meal!

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