Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Maple Salmon Skewers with Sweet Potato Fries

My husband made yet another awe-inspiring meal tonight. He picked up some maple salmon skewers from Hartman's, heated up some leftover mashed potatoes, baby spinach and cut up a sweet potato to make the most delicious sweet potato fries. Montreal Steak Spice is the secret to these savory treats. You don't need condiments for dipping when the fries have this much flavour!


Anonymous said...

What is the secret to getting the sweet potato crispy? Mine are only semi-crispy when I put them on the grill.

Love the photos! What camera do you use to capture your meals?

Rachelle said...

yea, they are never crispy - which is too bad. you really have to deep fry fries to get them like that. they still taste good. my husband puts them under the broiler until they get burnt a bit. he tosses them beforehand with olive oil and the spices. you get some crispness from the burnt pieces, which is nice.

we have a Fuji FinePix F30.