Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gnocchi in a Rosé Sauce with Pancetta

I bought my husband a juicer for his birthday. We've been using it religiously for the past few days but tonight's the first time he used it in a meal. So smooth and fresh tasting, this rosé sauce was perfect for the gnocchi it smothered. My husband roasted some tomatoes and removed the peel. He then juiced the tomatoes, some onion and garlic and used that as the base for the sauce. He added the tomato peel back in at the end. After marrying it with the gnocchi, he put the entire mixture onto a bed of arugula and finished off the plate with fried, spicy pancetta cubes. The flavours together were absolutely perfect.

Before we dove into this indulging meal, we snacked on some toasty baguette with a selection of cheeses (cendrillon, goat with figues, blue) and a selection of charcuterie (rillettes de canard, foie gras, rabbit pâté) and a couple of new additions my friend Dino brought to the table, charcoal crackers and blackburn cheese from Pusateri's.

Our Sauvignon Blanc was worth a mention too, Villa Maria from New Zealand.

What a feast!!

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