Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jane’s Magnificent Cookies

In case you missed my Special Delivery of Cookies post back in December, allow me to once again brag about my joy of knowing someone as special as Jane. I've yet to meet another person who can put this much detail into a tiny little cookie with such patience and grace. The results astound me every time. And these intricate hearts of deliciousness once again brought joy to my home.

As I left the house for work this morning, a nicely decorated and tempting bag hung on the door handle. I peeked inside, only to find Jane's irresistible cookies (so easily recognizable) accompanied by a birthday/valentine card addressed to my husband. It took all of me not to steal this mouthwatering gift. Being the good wife that I am, I placed the bag in an obvious spot in the kitchen so that my husband wouldn't miss them when he got up.

Hours later an email arrived in my inbox from my husband informing me that there was in fact two servings of cookies in the bag, one for my husband and one addressed to me!

Well, you can imagine what I did the minute I arrived home from work. Pure indulgence.

Thanks so much Jane!!


Eva said...

They look beautiful and I bet you can taste the love in each one!

Rachelle said...

I totally can!

I tried to meet you at the UE the night they brought in all the bloggers. Just before leaving I wanted to hunt you down but it looked like you had left already. Next time i'd like to meet you!