Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ravioli with Scallion Oil and Green Grapes

Using the scallion oil and beet-juice caramel from the night before, my husband whipped together a satisfying and memorable dinner. I was worried we wouldn't get to use the leftovers of those two heavenly sauces – boy was I wrong.

My husband picked up some mâche salad greens, added some cucumber and drizzled them with the honeyed beet juice. Some spinach and ricotta ravioli was smothered in a mellow scallion oil and sprinkled with parsley, green onion shavings and then dotted oh-so-beautifully with firm green grapes, halved. It was better than anything I would have imagined to use up the sauces.

Once again, my husband blows me away with his magical meals.

1 comment:

Marysol said...

I think your husband is not for real. Scallion oil, crazy beets concoctions? There has to be a pro, big city chef, hiding in your hall closet...