Monday, February 1, 2010

Fish Cakes and Creamy Chili-Lime Sauce

I LOVE fish cakes. Love them. And I love my husband for making them tonight. Unlike some of the jaw-dropping ones he's made from scratch in the past:

These ones were made in-house at Hartman's, and were quite flavourful. And even more tasty because of all the delicious extras my husband added to them. He started by making a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce zig-zagged with ranch dressing and dotted with corn and parsley. A generous helping of fish cakes were then neatly set over the corner of the lettuce-bed, smothered in chili-lime sauce and a dollop of crab meat. Another sprinkling of corn, parsley and chili powder added the finishing touch to this magical piece of art. And approximately 20 minutes later, it completely disappeared.

I did not want it to end.

The sauce was a mixture of cream, sour cream, chili and lime. Sweet potato fries were serve alongside.


Don Mills said...

I had those last week. They are good, though I went for a caper and cream sauce.

Rachelle said...

ohhhh caper and cream, yum!!