Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maple Marinated Salmon

There aren't many things my husband doesn't do well. In fact, the more I try to find something, the more I draw a blank. I think salmon has to be one of his top 5 specialties though. I've yet to eat a more phenomenal piece of fish after he's had his hands on it. From his cedar plank salmon to roasted garlic and dijon salmon and so many others in between, my husband cooks the best salmon, hands down.

Tonight's sweet salmon, held together by it's chewy, caramelized skin was so satisfying. My husband marinated the salmon for a few days in some maple syrup and brown sugar before grilling it. Garlic fried spinach and chopped asparagus were served alongside.

So yummy and so healthy. It's always so sad when it ends.

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