Monday, February 22, 2010

Leg of Lamb with Wilted Greens

My mother-in-law is in town this week so my husband thought he'd cook her a nice lamb. Like him, it's one of her favourite meats, especially after my husband has had his hands on it.

This succulent piece of meat was impeccable. I especially loved the sweet, sticky layer that enveloped it. My husband smothered the lamb in oil, dijon, honey, rosemary and garlic before roasting it. On the inside, the meat itself was studded with more rosemary and garlic. I don't know what a true vegetarian would think but if it was me, I'd be converted in a second. But then again, I love meat.

For the side my husband served a mélange of wilted spinach, swiss chard and dandelion leaves. How's that for a hearty mix of greens!? Some garlic and olive oil completed this lovely side.

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