Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sushi 88

My husband is out of town for a few days so when my friend Teresa sent me a note today asking if I wanted to go for sushi, I was in!

She didn't have a lot of time and since I was late getting home we were left with deciding wether or not we actually had time to get anywhere or if a certain restaurant very close by would meet our demands. That restaurant was Sushi 88. I've seen the sign many times on my way into Chinatown, and the inside of this little restaurant has always looked inviting. We took a chance. And boy were we glad we did!

Now Teresa is way more versed on a sushi menu than I am. I pretty much love it all, but I never really know what to order if I'm just getting a couple of things. So I let her do the ordering for me. Oh, and I threw in an order of gyoza of course! If it was me, I would just rate them on the gyoza alone, and if I did that, they would score really high, they were outstanding!

Tempura sweet potato, this was also very yummy. The sweet potato was cut into nice thin slithers which allowed for more tempura. And one of the most unique things about this place, you can get white or brown rice! Or a mixture of the two.

This shot of the Spice Spice Sushi (17pcs) does not do it justice. Most restaurants don't give you a choice this good on a mixed platter. Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, tuna, salmon, cooked shrimp, and cucumber. It's seriously my dream combo. Also came with a side salad, we paid a little more and got the wakame.

Then we finished off with a spicy tuna hand roll. Yumm.

Everything was fresh and delicious. Nice little touches like sesame seeds in the cucumber roll and the choice of rice were awesome. The atmosphere was also very warm and inviting. Service was excellent and the prices just right. Apps range between $4 and $9, sushi and sashimi combos from $10 to $35 and specialty rolls which we must try next time, from $6 to $12.

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Marysol said...

Oh no, I am making gyoza tonight! I am doomed!!

I have always been really curious about sushi 88, thank you for posting this!

Rachelle said...

are you kidding me!! i bet yours will be the best ever! I could live off these things i love them so much!

the urban element said...

we will see, we will see...

Anonymous said...

Your photos look so good and lure me to go there to try their sushi. Their sushi are okay, or maybe my expectation was set too high. But thanks anyway.