Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Special Delivery of Cookies!

And what a special delivery it was.

One of Santa's helpers came by this evening to drop off some cookies. I was as excited as a child at Christmas when Santa comes. Either that or I was just as excited as Santa would be if he stopped by her place. By her I mean Jane. She used to work with my husband and every year she goes all out making the most beautiful, intricate cookies ever.

A little treat bag holding hours of work presents itself. Every detail executed to utter perfection. You almost don't want to eat them. But you really can't resist. And I am sad to say that the big beautiful moon and snowman cookies that were in this bag got eaten so fast I didn't even have time to take a photo. We realized on the last bite what we had done. But that's ok, we got a snapshot of some of the others.

Holding back is the hardest part. Sharing them with my husband is even harder, since he's not normally a sweets guy, until these cookies show up!

Thanks so much Jane! Merry Christmas!

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