Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tapas Style Dinner at Denis and Véro’s

Ah yes, another dinner away from home. It's pretty hard to get home sick when this is how you're eating. Friends of Marc and Zoya's had us over for dinner last night. There was a long list of dishes up for grabs put together by not just one, but 4 people. Zoya pretty much emptied her fridge preparing food to bring, and she and Véro's mom cooked up a storm on the bbq. The experience of what we ate was further heightened by the decor inside Denis' chalet – a beautiful log home decorated with chic taxidermy. The look flows through the rooms, every detail perfectly executed, even right down to the red plaid bedding. You have to eat meat in this house. And eat we did.
  • Game sausage made with bison, deer, wild boar and duck
  • Barbecued chicken drumsticks
  • Duck served on wonton chips and topped with a plum and ginger sauce (this was my number one dish of the entire week – simply to die for)
  • Selection of marvelous cheeses served with a moose shaped rosemary jelly
  • Fresh baguette and homemade parmesan crackers
  • Smoked salmon
  • Spicy shrimp rémoulade
  • Miniature lamb sausages
  • Rosette de Lyon sausage and smoked sausage
From the company and the atmosphere, to the Landskroon Shiraz and the Errazuriz Cab Sauvignon, every single bit of the evening was absolute perfection. The richness of every bite of food had me in awe. Just the thought of it continues to remind me how insanely lucky I am. Thanks again to everyone for filling my tummy and allowing me to indulge in such a spread.


Celine said...

Zoya made the Duck served on wonton chips for my birthday, I still have dreams about it, it was soooooooo good!!!! :) Looks like you had an amazing dinner!

Rachelle said...

It's my new favourite appetizer!