Wednesday, December 30, 2009

French Onion Soup

Last night my friend Gina invited us over for her homemade French onion soup. This is quickly becoming her specialty even though it's only the second time she's made it. I'm convinced all those Tim Horton ads are what led her to go buy onion soup bowls. So I will thank them for that since each time she's made it, I've had an invitation. And both times have been delicious.

A lot more time and effort goes into a good French onion soup than I thought. Caramelizing the onions, toasting the bread, building the broth. But it's oh, so worth it! She even opted for Gruyère cheese. Yummm.


Brittany G said...

I made my first attempt at homemade French Onion Soup about a month ago... it was alot more prep then I was expecting however not as difficult to prepare as I thought. The outcome is well worth it. I had some friends over to test it out and they all raved about it.

This post inspired me to make it again this weekend :)

The Benny's said...

Oh Yumm! The best part is the crunchy cheese on the side of the bowl :-)