Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Party

Bruce and Gina held our annual Christmas party last night. By 9pm there was enough food to feed a small country in their house I'm certain of it. It was a potluck dinner which is always a fantastic idea. Basically you get people putting their heart and soul into their best dish, and the end result is a buffet of absolutely amazing food. I didn't get a shot of everything, I'm missing the chili, lasagna, salmon paté and a few others. But the shots below should give you a pretty good idea of the heaven I was in.

Tender chicken skewers and grilled shrimp with a heavenly peanut sauce.

Crisp apples with a sweet caramel dip topped with skor bits.

I think this was one of my favourites, dates wrapped in bacon and coated with maple syrup.

Moist gingerbread.

Tasty ham.

Star shaped cookies with chocolate drizzle. I love cookies.

Christmas cupcakes.

Creamy spinach dip.

Fresh veggie wraps. Another one I returned to.

Kielbasa sausage and olives. So garlicky and yummy.

Veggies with the best dip in the world – Gianetto dip.

Thanks so much guys for a fantastic night and for hosting. And thanks to everyone for all the great food! It really feels like Christmas being surrounded by such wonderful people and comforting food.

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