Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Some foods only come out at certain times of the year. My husband's crowd pleasing chowder for one, yummy tourtière, and my mom's satisfying seafood casserole. All of these dishes are so rich and delicious. This is what we snacked on for lunches, breakfast and pretty much any time of the day we felt like a little nibble. My husband made the tourtière using ground pork, veal and lamb. The ambrosial flavours that left everyone floored came from savory, onion, garlic and cloves. He even added some bread crumbs to the mix so that it didn't end up watery. As for the casserole, my mom put in extra lobster, which made every bite so exciting. Chunks so big I almost had to cut them in half they barely fit in my mouth. I love this time of year!!

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