Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pork Loin Roast

This is going to be a quick post, I'm so tired I could fall asleep while I write. Work has been just crazy – as I'm sure it is with just about everyone this time of year. Eating hasn't exactly been as normal either, working late and all. But tonight, my husband made a delicious roast that made up for all the daily stress by relaxing me with every bite.

He coated this lovely piece of pork with herbs, dijon and garlic and roasted it fat side up (I've been told this is common knowledge, roasts are always cooked fat side up, but I thought I'd mention it since if it were me reading this blog, I'd have no idea). To make matters even more outstanding, he whipped together a lovely sauce that complemented the meat perfectly. He started out by making a roux, then slowly stirred in some vermouth, chicken broth and dijon. So – freakin' – yummy. I ended up dousing my potatoes and french style green beans in the sauce too.

Thought I'd also test out my new camera stand! Jean-Marc, my personal wine sommelier, also does photography on the side and gave me a cute little stand for my camera so that I may take my restaurant pictures in the dark this winter. I tested it out at our dining room table, lit only by candlelight. Thanks JM!

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