Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gift Bag of Goodies

Look at every single gift out there and none, I repeat, NONE compare to a homemade gift. The time and effort put into these alone is proof that someone really cares about you. So you can imagine how special we felt when Marc and Zoya presented us with a lovely gift bag full of homemade goodies that were not only made by them but packaged by them as well. Even the bark on the gift tag and wrapping on the parmesan and rosemary crackers was taken from a tree in their back yard.

Here's what we received:
  • Spiced nuts – so addictive
  • Savoury parmesan and rosemary crackers
  • Sweet rosemary jelly
  • Spicy jalapeno jelly
  • Delicious almond biscotti
  • Melt-in-your-mouth sugar cream and peanut butter sugar cream squares
It was beautiful. And something we will enjoy over the next weeks to come. We're now starting to think about what we can do for our friends next year as we were really touched by this.


Celine said...

Nice! We got the same package! Not much left here, was oh so sweet on the lips :)

Rachelle said...

That's awesome! I'm trying to let mine last as long as possible. It's not working very well.

Also, I heard some big news about you this weekend! Congratulations!!

zoya said...

ah - I'm so glad you liked them - makes the soar arm feel better. :-)

Thanks again for visiting over the holidays - we were so glad to see you.

Rachelle said...

thank YOU for having us!!