Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beef Roast

Inspired by Marysol's blog, my husband decided to make a beef roast tonight. He cut up some parsnip, carrots, turnip, onion and potatoes and set them in a pool of beef stock and port. A garlic and rosemary covered piece of meat sat neatly in the center for a long 2 hours in the oven.

The smell that filled the house during this time had my stomach in gnawing hunger pangs. So it's no surprise that I filled my plate way more than I needed to when it was finally time to eat. Along with this tender, juicy piece of meat and tasty veggies was some kale that my husband sauteed with green onion and garlic. He also sprinkled some red wine vinegar over it. I swear this is the best way to eat greens – delicious. It was literally the perfect fall dinner, so comforting.

My friend Dino also brought a yummy wine that went beautifully with this dish – 2001 Barolo.

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Marysol said...

I was with you in spirit!