Thursday, November 12, 2009

Salade Niçoise

The tuna we had last night was a bigger piece than we could handle in one sitting. That could only mean one thing, another night of glorious tuna!

My husband didn't want to make the same thing twice. He searched recipe after recipe. All the tuna recipes were asian inspired with sesame. Just like what we had last night. Then he found it, the answer to tonight's dinner, a delicious salade niçoise. You can find the recipe here on

I could eat the mayonnaise mixture alone and be satisfied – finely chopped cornichons and brined capers. The salad has a great medley of ingredients that work so well together – arugula (you can use mixed greens), chopped kalamata olives and thinly sliced red onion in olive oil and red wine vinegar, served over toasted, organic, white batard bread and topped with perfectly seared tuna and a hard boiled egg.

My husband picked up the batard bread from Hartman's. It's an Ace bakery creation that's worth hunting for. The bread itself looked heavy and like it may be tough to eat. Surprisingly, although visually dense, it was very light, airy and extremely easy to bite into. Thank god because the sandwich itself is not the easiest to eat. Make sure you have a napkin handy. Or if you're like me and can't miss a drop, make sure your hands are clean for all the finger licking that comes with it.

Alongside the main was 2 jumbo capers, a cornichon and thinly cut sweet potato chips – love sweet potato! Another magical meal. Yummm.

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