Sunday, November 29, 2009

Maple Bison Sausage Bread with Eggs and Fried Garlic Mash

When I saw “Bison Sausage Bread” in the title of a post on my google reader I couldn't help but follow the link to That link then brought me to the Tangled Noodle blog post with the recipe. This looked absolutely amazing. Often I will skim a recipe and decide either A. I can do that, or B. I have to get my husband to do that. I felt I could pull this one off.

The recipe originated from the Damn Good Food, Hell's Kitchen recipe book. It combines both savory and sweet flavours which I have learned is not for everyone. For example, whenever my husband makes bird's nests (an egg cooked in the center of a piece of bread), I insist on eating it with maple syrup. My husband thinks that's gross. This bread combines a bison sausage made with herbs, onion and maple with currants, walnuts, sugar and flour. In my mind, the perfect breakfast food when paired with an egg. We also added fried garlic mashed potatoes. Seriously, I was in heaven. Although my husband enjoyed it, I doubt he'd rush to eat it again.

I mixed all the ingredients together last night and then woke up early to pop it in the oven. Went back to bed and woke up to the yummiest smelling house!

I even whipped together some cookies (I called them breakfast cookies), to snack on before the big meal. I used my original spelt cookie recipe but replaced the oil with a can of pumpkin. So much healthier!

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