Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lemon and Dill Roasted Chicken

All you need is love... Oh, and a husband who can cook. Seriously, if you look at all the feel-good things that revolve around food, a first date, a family get-together, old friends reuniting. Even when someone passes away, what do people do? They bring the family food. If you have food like this on a regular basis, life is just better. There are people who love to cook, and people who love to eat. When you match the two together, it's magical.

I say this because (and I'm embarrassed by my laziness when it comes to cooking), my husband is not here this evening. He's at the hockey game. I got home after he had already left and in the oven was this beautiful, mouthwatering chicken. He even made the wild rice to go with it. I heated up a bit of leftover squash soup to complete the meal. It was delicious.

To all you chefs out there, a very big thank you, you have no idea how happy you make us foodies!


Anonymous said...

Even when he is out he cooks for you?! OMG. Can he be cloned?

Rachelle said...

haha, I hear that a lot!! i know, i'm the most spoiled person ever. we have a deal, i do all the house cleaning and he does all the cooking. It's the best deal ever!!