Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Newport Restaurant

There's something I just love about being called “hun” in a restaurant. But it has to come from the waitress (ok really, who else would it come from), she has to be over a certain age, and the restaurant has to serve diner food. That combination is a recipe for extreme comfort. It's almost like being at your great aunt's house. Or one of those morning's when you wake up at your mom's place to a greasy breakfast after a night of drinking. It just feels awesome.

It was my friend Phil's birthday and I'd have to say that this was a great choice for a casual and enjoyable celebration. The service was great, our waitress was fun and totally laid back, and the food did not disappoint.

Everyone at our table ordered pizza. Except me. I started off with a small ceasar salad – honestly the size of this thing could have fed 5 people. Oh and the bacon bits! Made with real bacon. Yum.

Then a hot dog for my main. Yes, a yummy hot dog, dressed with tomatoes, onions, mustard and relish all on a toasted bun. Not Forum dog toasted mind you, but still good nonetheless.

And who could pass up lemon meringue pie at a place like this? Not I! I made room. Even after having a bite of Phil's complimentary birthday cake.

Apps range between $6 and $10, pizzas between $10 and $23, mains between $5 and $14. They also do catering and online ordering.

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