Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pulled Pork Burrito

Quite possibly the best burrito you'll ever have! If I ever saw this on a menu I'd order it in a second. What an awesome twist on the traditional meat filling in a flour tortilla. And if you've got a slowcooker, it's a breeze to do.

My husband put a pork shoulder in the slowcooker and then dumped a jar of green salsa in with it. He cooked it for 8 hours – the meat literally fell off the bone. After removing the fat and bones he stirred it up. It would have been fine as is, but my husband chopped up some cucumber and cilantro to go with it. Heat the tortillas and top with the pulled pork, cucumber, cilantro, shredded cheddar and sour cream. A fresh green salad, refried beans and tortilla chips were served alongside. Amazing.


The Benny's said...

Ok! Enough already! You are making every wife in Ottawa jealous! lol
Not sure what your husband does for a living, but here's a business idea: Teach other husband to cook like that?!

Have a great day :-)

Rachelle said...

you know, that's not a bad idea!!! there'd be some pretty happy men out there once it was all said and done. the women would be all over them!

Music-chan said...

You might find this odd, but I was browsing for recipes and stumbled on you blog. What I find odd is that we have the same first name and live in the same province, except I live in Niagara Falls. Ironically enough, my husband is an actual chef....which of course means he does very little cooking at home. ;D

Rachelle said...

Hilarious! I guess I should be thankful my husband isn't a full-time chef. I'm sure the last thing he'd want to do after a long day of cooking is cook. Small world!