Sunday, November 8, 2009

Paul Bowl

There are a couple of events that my friends organize annually that I look so forward to. Some of you may remember Tony and Cathy's St Patrick's day party, that would be one. This is the other. As Paul Bowl approaches, I literally find my mouth watering at the anticipation of Sue's renowned pulled pork.

Let me start by explaining what Paul Bowl is. For the past 9 years now, we have celebrated my friend Paul's birthday with an afternoon of amateur touch football, followed by an amazing Super Bowl inspired feast put together by his wife Sue. The highlight? Her pulled pork.

When we arrive a spread of veggies and dips, chips, cheese and yummy sausages in a light, flaky pastry are staring us down. It's so hard not to start the eating frenzy then and there. But in the back of my mind, I know what's coming, I know what I have to save room for.

Then it arrives. All of the appetizers get pushed aside to make room for the king of dishes – BBQ soaked, succulent, pulled pork. I have taken so much you can't even see my bun anymore. Alongside this magical creation are some chicken wings, and a crisp coleslaw.

Honestly, what better way to celebrate someone's birthday. Thanks guys! Another successful evening. I now have to start counting down the days until we do it again next year.

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