Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jak’s Kitchen

I had plans to go for afternoon dessert with my friend Amy today. I was really craving some apple crisp or crumble or a variation thereof. My first thought was Oh So Good in the market. I've never been but I knew they had dessert. After reading some reviews on Ottawa Foodies and a few other sites, I decided against it.

I've always enjoyed Jak's, it's very close by and I figured even if they don't have exactly what I'm craving, I'm sure they'll have something I will love. They had the next best thing – apple cinnamon french toast made with cinnamon spiced molasses-oat bread and topped with apple compote, maple syrup and whipped cream. Luckily I was hungry enough to devour most of it. I even saved some room for a piece of Amy's dark chocolate ganache pie, so smooth and rich.

I had a lovely afternoon, sipping on tea (coffee for Amy), and chatting while soaking up the sun through the window (desperately needed this time of year). Such a wonderful, cozy spot with consistently fantastic service.

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