Saturday, January 16, 2010

Petit Bill’s Bistro

Caught yet again sans camera. My husband's iPhone isn't doing too bad though. Last night, after a very long and very tough work week, my husband brought me to Petit Bill's for a few nibbles and lovely stout. I had no idea Mill Street even made a stout. But they have it on tap, and it is yummy! The best way I could describe it was that it had the flavour of St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout but the light, smooth texture of a Guinness. I tried looking for it today at the liquor store but my search was unsuccessful.

We ordered three appetizers. Number one was a bed of crisp, golden baked wontons served with 2 dips – pureed spinach with garlic, and mild ancho chili and cheese. Both were fantastic.

Next we had the floured and pan seared pickerel cheeks served with some more wonton chips and a melted lemon caper butter. My husband found a bone in his cheek, we laughed at the thought of fish cheekbones – can they really have cheekbones?? This find led to story about his Dad, who while in the navy, used to eat a lot of powdered eggs. They would have some real eggs on the ship that they saved for special occasions, but on a day-to-day basis they ate the powdered variation. To make them feel special, and possibly feel like they were indulging in the real thing, the chef would slip the odd egg shell into their dish, thus giving them the illusion that they were eating the real thing. Oh these were cheeks alright! Cheek bone and all!

Finally, we had the lobster poutine (actually considered a main) made with thin cut french fries, lobster pieces and a creamy shellfish and mascarpone cheese butter sauce. Now this is the high life! I must say, we opted for the richest of the rich. No need to eat anything more after that. Even the size of the appetizers were quite large. If you're going for the full dinner, I highly recommend sharing an app. You wouldn't want to spoil your scrumptious main.

As usual, the service was fantastic. We grabbed a spot at the bar and within a half hour of our arrival the place was packed. As with any great spot, you're best making a reservation.

Apps range between $6 and $16, bistro fare from $13 to $19, and mains from $23 to $29.

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An ostrich named Sam said...

Rachelle, any suggestion for a place for supper for my DD when she's in Ottawa in a few weeks? She loves almost every type of food, and is pretty adventurous. She was just drooling over the lobster poutine!

Rachelle said...

I would love to give you some suggestions! I have a ton. What area of town is she staying in?

Now from what I've read she's younger correct? Here are some I think would be great:

Near/in Chinatown

Zen Kitchen - delicious and unique vegetarian dishes.

Shanghai - coolest Asian restaurant in Ottawa, with local artists featured on the walls, extremely entertaining karaoke on Saturday nights. And the food is to die for.

Fuschian - Best Vietnamese in Ottawa, super friendly service and super cheap. I would eat here every day if my husband didn't cook for me.

If she loves sushi, we have a few restaurants outside of the downtown core that serve all you can eat sushi for $20 ($12 for lunch) and it's pretty good:
Sushi Kan -

In the downtown core, on Elgin street are a couple of really great spots:

The Manx - - pub that serves amazing dishes.

Oz Kafe - - I haven't been but i've heard really good things.

Downtown but a little off the beaten path:
Savana Cafe - - one of my defaults.

If she's in the market:

Ahora - - an awesome little mexican restaurant, super yummy and very casual and prices you can't beat!

Let me know if you'd like some more suggestions. Or if you have any questions! I'd love to hear how she does.

nooschi said...

I've always wondered about that lobster poutine. You've made up my mind...I need to head over to Bill's and try it out.

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