Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lamb Shanks with Truffle Mash and Beets

After an afternoon of cross country skiing, this is the meal you want to come home to. I don't even know where to begin on this one. The richness of the food is so decadent and then combined with that zen feeling you get after an afternoon in the fresh air, I seriously thought I had died and gone to heaven. My husband has made this before, this one has had some modifications. I didn't think the last one could get any better, until I had this.

The thick, full-flavoured sauce that is revealed after 8 hours of slow cooking the meaty lamb shanks in a pool of both red and white wine, onions, beef stock, garlic and thyme is a taste buds dream. The onions become almost caramelized – I had to have at least one sliver with every bite of the fall-off-the-bone lamb!

I wanted to douse my mashed potatoes in the sauce too, until I had a bite of them without. They deserve to be eaten as is. I thought I had had some pretty fancy mashed potatoes in my life, but these ones are the topper. The secret is the truffle oil. If you're a mashed potato fan like I am, you will see the value in mixing in one of the world's best oils to make them the best side you've ever had. My husband also added some butter, milk and salt and pepper while whipping them.

The last fun thing on my plate were the shredded beets. What a fun way to enjoy them. It also makes it easier to add them to bites of meat and potatoes. Simply shave the beet, then boil the shavings and drain in a colander., this was so delicious!

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