Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Whalesbone Oyster House

My husband and I stopped by the Whalesbone for a nightcap of delicious Beaus on the way home from dinner at a friend's last night. We immediately grabbed a comfortable spot at the bar to watch the cooking show that unfolds at almost any given hour. I could zone out and watch oyster shucking for hours. Maybe it's the anticipation of the finished product, maybe it's just the sheer entertainment of it all. Whatever it is, I love it. And it's what brings me back every time. That and the cozy atmosphere, genuinely friendly staff (they really know how to let their patrons just sit back, relax and enjoy their evening from beginning to end), and of course the heavenly food that has yet to be beat by any restaurant in this city serving seafood.

We've been cutting back on eating out recently. The last time I was here I drooled over my friend's maple butter scallops because I had decided I was going to eat at home and join them after. Big mistake. She did give me a bit though, a torturous bite, best thing I've ever had. I wanted to knock her out and steal her plate (did I say that out loud?).

If you've ever been in this restaurant you'll notice the minute you walk in you can't help but start salivating at all the rich smells that fill the air. Which is why last night, although our tummies were full, ate little something to fill the mental void. That something was the Hot Smoked Newfoundland Mackerel wrapped in a thin, golden fried biscuit so light and crisp, accompanied by a smooth, liquid tartar sauce that added the perfect tang. Along with this magical creation was a warm tomato filled with bacon cubes and dill. I love any kind of smoked fish. This mackerel was to die for. I think I may have to visit their supply shop today to see if they have any to take home.

I often reference these guys in my blog posts (too many to link to). But I feel the need to continue since every time seems to get better and better. I may need to add a sixth star to my rating system if this continues.

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nooschi said...

I hear ya! I have officially cut back on eating out. My body needs a good dose of healthy food before I am ready to eat out again. Had rainbow trout, baked sweet potato fries, and beets for dinner. It was delicious!

Whalesbone is awesome.

Rachelle said...

Ah, I absolutely LOVE rainbow trout! Well, and sweet potatoes, and beets... haha. Sounds delicious.