Sunday, January 17, 2010

Marysol’s Gnocchi

I'm going to start this post by thanking Marysol for sharing her lovely Noilly Gnocchi recipe and inspiring my husband to make it, because it was DELICIOUS!

He drooled (as did I) over this post and last night the torture finally ended. We picked up some gnocchi from Parma Ravioli on Wellington and the remaining ingredients from the Bagel Shop across the street. What a feast, so creamy and full-flavoured. The sauce is made with dry vermouth, piquant Emmental swiss cheese and salty prosciutto – decadence at it's best. My husband served this dish with a fresh arugula salad and toasty Art-is-in baguette, perfect sides for a meal so rich.

Our friends Amy and Andrew also brought some delicious wine – Christian Moueix 2005 Merlot and 2008 Pérez Cruz Cab Sauvignon. We also served Col Di Sasso 2007 Cab Sauvignon & Sangiovese. Yumm.


Marysol said...

Oh Rachelle!!! I am so happy it turned out yummy!

Maybe I should teach classes at work now...

Rachelle said...

You should!!

nooschi said... can we rent your husband! LOL. I love all seeing all the dishes he makes. Looks sooooo good. Your post made me hungry and I just ate lunch.

Christine said...

Wow, that gnocchi looks so good! You're so lucky to have a husband that knows how to cook.