Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tofu and Beet Greens in Green Curry Sauce

Whenever my husband makes something using the PC Thai Green Curry sauce, I get this overwhelming comfort feeling. It's soooo good. And he makes it even better by adding a few extra ingredients to it – cream, curry and cumin. Yummm.

Tonight he mixed this lovely sauce with sticky rice, stir fried beet greens, green onion and tofu – individually done in peanut oil. This was his first attempt at fried tofu. Although he wasn't expecting the amount of time it took, the end result was phenomenal, perfectly firm and golden. I really hope he makes it again!


nooschi said...

OMG! That looks amazing. I adore curry, and tofu, believe it or not, is one of my favorite foods. I am soooo hungry now. Lucky you.

Rachelle said...

And i have some leftover for lunch today! i can't wait.