Friday, August 27, 2010

Green Papaya

I had lunch with a friend of mine Kate and her two-month old daughter at Green Papaya on Preston. I chose this spot because I was in the area for a meeting and for the fact that they had some vegetarian options on their lunch menu (Kate's a vegetarian). Ok, and because I love eating pad thai. That's probably the real reason. But I've yet to master the art of photographing pad thai. Until then, there will be many photo-less posts.

They've got a decent size lunch menu. Tom Yum Soup, Marinated Shrimp Skewers and Vegetable Spring Rolls for starters. We shared the spring rolls. Two perfectly crisp rolls topped with a sweet and sticky plum sauce.

For the mains there are a few noodle dishes, some rice dishes, or a combination plate with daily specials. For my pad thai I had the choice of shrimp, chicken or tofu. I opted for the tofu. The sauce was good and not greasy at all, similar to the recipe I have at home where the fish sauce takes center stage. Kate went with the green curry with tofu and vegetables – Kaew Wan Pak. It took all of me not to ask her for a bite, I love the smell of green curry sauces. They're so comforting. Slight food envy. But had I not gotten the pad thai I would have regretted it.

The service was good and prices reasonable. Just under $5 for the app and $10.50 for our mains.

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Anonymous said...

2nd attempt - Friday night - Sept 14. No parking - had to drive off. Too bad really.