Monday, August 9, 2010

Lobster Party!

94lbs of lobster, an ocean view and 60 super fun people make for one big happy family and one lively party!

I attended the Mesheau-Phinney lobster party this past Saturday. I had been to a lobster party thrown by my in-laws before, but this one was, well, a lot bigger! It kind of reminded me of the get-togethers my family used to throw, only this time I was old enough to eat more than just the lobster legs – very exciting.

There were 12 tables line up under a massive tent, each one covered in plastic. Over in the shed, 3 giant boxes of lobster. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many in one space. I believe there were 86 total. Not everyone ate lobster. The barbecue over on the back side of the house was busy cooking a blanket of hot dogs and hamburgers, and another table quickly filled with the most decadent selection of salads to please every taste. Desserts were also in abundance, my favourite being the homemade blueberry pie. Nothing quite screams summer like blueberry pie.

I was in heaven. I could only focus on every salty morsel of the lobster in front of me, at least until the moments where I lifted my head to take a breath and notice the wind, blowing off the gorgeous Northumberland Strait only a few feet away. Lobster season in South-Eastern New Brunswick only officially starts today. Susan managed to have these creatures brought in from up North, just in time for the party.

A huge thank you to Susan for all the organizing that went into this fabulous event. And to all the Mesheaus and Phinneys – you truly are an amazing family that I am so proud to be part of.


Mélodie said...

Awesome! I'm originally from Gaspésie and those lobsters' parties are always fun. With good NB lobster, of course, not Maine's!

its me, sam said...

Yum, fall lobster... Next week-end will be a good time for lobster. I laughed as soon as i saw the can of Alpine, I figured you were down this way. I hope you enjoy your vacation.