Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fuschian and Pad Thai

Last night I had the pleasure of dining with two of my favourite people at one of my favourite restaurants.

Before I get into the restaurant details though, I’d like to make a side note about the wine Marysol, Teresa and I shared before heading over. I picked up Highfield Estate Paua Sauvignon Blanc from the last Vintages release at the LCBO. Filled with mineral, grass, floral and citrusy notes, this crisp wine was the perfect start to the evening.

Fuschian is my staple (see a previous review here) and I make it there almost weekly. A have a real soft spot for rice paper shrimp rolls and peanut sauce, and always start the meal off with them. My main is usually between two dishes, the vermicelli with shrimp and spring rolls or the Pad Thai. 90% of the time going with the vermicelli. The staff are so friendly, I feel as though I’m dining at a friend’s house every time I go.

When I first tried the Pad Thai (quite a while ago), it took a bit of warming up to. Not that it wasn’t good, just that it doesn’t taste quite like your traditional Pad Thai. The ingredients are all there, but the sauce is less sweet than most. I didn’t think of that when I recommended it to Marysol, who I think was surprised by my recommendation. To be honest, I’ve really come to love their Pad Thai.

Which made me wonder what everyone else expects in a Pad Thai. Do you like it sweet, spicy, oily, extra peanuts, lots of egg? I’d love to know which restaurant in Ottawa you feel has the best Pad Thai. Brittany has recommended Siam Bistro in a previous post. I’d love to hear yours!


Holly Bruns said...

Hey Rachelle,

I'm not much of an expert, but I quite like the stuff at Savana. It's tomato-ish and I like that about it.

Krista said...

Try Som Tum on Kent...