Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Wellington Gastropub


Had a business lunch with a friend of mine, Graham Law, at the Wellington Gastropub. I've had this restaurant on my go-to list for a while now, so this was just what I needed (I love knocking them off!).

When I got to the top of the stairs I was excited to see him at the other end of the room, right in front of the window. Woohoo, I'll be able to get some good shots!

I love it in there. It's so cozy and just begs you to sit back, sip wine and spend a few hours. Of course I didn't. I had to go back to the office. But I did manage to squeeze in a glass of Gewürztraminer.

Although much of the time was spent chatting, we did take moments to appreciate the exquisite presentation of the plates as they arrived, and to savour the quality of the food we were eating.

The first plate served at the table was some light and airy Art-is-in bread – a bowl of golden Ontario extra-virgin cold-pressed canola oil served alongside for dipping.

We both ordered the salad of baby beets, crispy Pingue capicollo, pickled radish and goat cheese with a black currant-vanilla dressing. Each ingredient was so fresh and tasty that I was happy the dressing was as mild as it was.

For his main, Graham ordered the rare B.C. Albacore tuna with roasted fingerlings, olives and mushrooms, summer squash and caper-almond vinaigrette. I got to try a bite and these fat slices of seared tuna were so fresh and heavenly!

I was equally excited by my main. I almost couldn't take a shot of this mouthwatering vision fast enough – my brain was being challenged between either grabbing my fork or my camera. Plump meaty scallops with crisp, golden edges and sinful crushed potatoes smothered in sour cream and caramelized onion. Vivid green and yellow beans added a nice touch of colour, livening up the whole plate. Everything was brought together by a guanciale vinaigrette – I'm sorry but bacon in any form, even a vinaigrette, just takes a dish from great to amazing! Especially one prepared with pig's cheeks.

The service was impeccable, ambiance cozy and relaxing. I found the prices to be teetering on the expensive side, especially for lunch – between $6 and $12 for apps, $12 to $16 for mains. But I'd love to go back for dinner. It's a great spot.

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The Benny's said...

So glad you finally went! We love it there, we usually sit at the bar and watch the action. I love their risotto, always a hit!

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