Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moose Skewers and Rich Pasta Salad

We had dinner at our very good friend Dino’s house last night. As usual, we over-indulged in mouthwatering food and delicious wine.

It was such a beautiful evening we had dinner al fresco. I could smell the meat sizzling on the barbecue while we ate our fresh side salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, red onion and capers. Mmmm, capers in salad, I need to do that more often.

A rare treat of lean and tender moose meat was served, along with the most decadent pasta I’ve ever had. Cute little seashell pasta with peas and pancetta cubes, and all brought together with a sinful mixture of butter and cream.

What a fantastic evening. Thanks so much Dino. As usual, you totally outdid yourself!


Don (@foodiePrints) said...

Moose! Oooh...What does that taste like? Looks like a lovely dinner!

Rachelle said...

It's actually surprisingly similar to beef. Just a bit gamier. I remember my mom serving it to me as a child but not telling me what it was. About half way through i'd realize it was a bit different than what we normally ate but i couldn't really pinpoint why. The texture is a little bit heavier and meatier too.