Sunday, March 22, 2009

Barbecued Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Merguez and Cilantro

Woohoo! This is the first sign of spring/summer, the first BBQ! And no one rules the barbecue like my husband. We've had get-togethers with close to 20 people, where each person brings their own meat, fish or poultry. My husband can cook them all, along with the veggies and have everything done at the exact same time and cooked to perfection. Last night he made one of his specialties, pork tenderloin stuffed with merguez sausage and cilantro. He started off by flattening the meat with a meat tenderizer. Then he removed the sausage from the casing and cooked it. Once done, he spread a layer of the sausage on top of the tenderloin and topped that with my favourite herb, cilantro. If' you're not a cilantro fan, it's ok, once cooked this dish is not heavy on the citrus-like overtones of the cilantro leaf (or soapy, depending who you are). A couple of our guests who don't normally like cilantro loved this dish. Finally he rolled up the meat and tied each end to hold it together. 

That along with some chicken shish kabobs from the Glebe Meat Market (very, very good!), some maple salmon and mixed veggies (brought by Teresa) made it on the grill. All were cooked flawlessly. The veggies were al dente and drizzled with balsamic, the crisp grill marks on the tenderloin made for a flavourful exterior with a moist and tender interior filled with spiciness from the sausage and freshness from the cilantro. Everything came together beautifully and was served with green beans and an amazing tomato, basil and bocconcini salad. We were pleasantly stuffed. And I, in awe again at how my husband pulls it all off so comfortably and professionally. 

Along with some great wine, we also had some delicious sherry that I purchased in the Vintages at the Rideau Street LCBO. I got talking with one of the men who work there, Jeff, who was extremely helpful in my choices. I'm just getting started on the sherry and he recommended I start off with sweet ones and acquire the taste before moving to the drier ones. This one is a new one – Nectar – (that actually only hits the stores next week – I got lucky) and was very yummy. I think I may have started a few of our guests on the sherry kick too.

I also thought i'd make a mention of two of my favourite beers. Mill Street Coffee Porter – so rich and delicious, it's like a dessert, coffee and beer all in one. Really, could you ask for anything more?

And of course, Beau's Lug•Tread Lager. Easy drinking and light.  


Graham Law said...

Love cilantro!

Rachelle said...

I know!! it's the best!