Monday, March 23, 2009

Fish Cakes with a Spicy Sauce and Asparagus

I love – love – love fish cakes. I love them so much that even though I got food poisoning off them one time in NYC, I can still devour them like they're the best thing on earth. I did however, take a break after that horrifying food incident. My husband didn't make these from scratch, he bought them as is at Hartman's in their seafood section. They look to be made in-house. They were dense and quite delicious. What made them so fantastic however, was the creamy, spicy sauce my husband whipped together. I could have licked every last bit of it out of the bowl. They complemented the fish cakes so much, I honestly don't think they'd be very good without it. Well, I just couldn't ever eat them without it now that i've had them this way. He mixed together sour cream, mayo, a crushed garlic clove, pickled hot peppers and some Sriracha sauce. After blanketing the fish cake with this bold sauce, he topped it with some cilantro. That, along with leftover tomato and basil salad and some asparagus, made for a truly splendid meal.

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