Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sesame Crusted Salmon with Beets

I'm always amazed at how quickly my husband puts together such fantastic meals. He's either really good at what he does, or just really smart. Actually, I know it's a combination of the two. For tonight's meal he set the top part of the salmon in a mixture of white sesame seeds, black toasted sesame seeds and Montreal steak spice until it was coated. He then seared the other side in some sesame oil and drizzled the top with soya sauce as it cooked. For the side, he boiled some sliced beets and shredded carrot. Once cooked he strained and tossed them with some chopped green onion, sesame oil, rice vinegar and toasted sesame seeds. The result? An exceptional meal full of flavour. Sesame oil is just delicious to begin with. Add to it some fabulous fish and veg, and my husband's magical touch and voilà! The salmon mimics a breaded salmon but in a much healthier way. In fact, the sesame seeds add such a wonderful texture, it's way better than traditional breading. And the beets, let's just say, if you're not a fan, cook them this way. They're still a bit crisp when my husband stops cooking them. The addition of the rice vinegar makes them almost as though they were lightly pickled. Yum!

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