Monday, March 2, 2009

Lemon and Pepper Smoked Salmon with Salad

Anyone who says they don't have time to cook fabulous, healthy meals has never met my husband. Tonight's dinner was outstanding and literally took 10 minutes, if that. Again, from the Chelsea Smokehouse, my husband put these servings of lemon and pepper smoked salmon in the oven on broil with half a slice of bacon over them to moisten them up (smoked fish can sometimes be a little dry). He then served it with a delicious cucumber salad that he made by shredding the cucumber so it was noodle-like and topping it with a mixture of sesame oil, soya sauce, rice vinegar and sesame seeds. I have to say, this salad is so satisfying as it makes you feel like you're eating noodles but you don't get all the carbs. It's very refreshing. He also served a nice green salad with olive oil and green onion on the side. I love his meals so much!


An ostrich named Sam said...

I'm drooling @ the sight of your supper! Your blessed to have a husband who likes to cook and cook well! Can't wait to see what you have later on this week!

Rachelle said...

It will be interesting because we're both trying to lessen our carb intake, so there will be lots of poultry, meat and fish, and very little to no rice or pasta. I think tonight we're having duck confit, again from the fabulous Chelsea Smokehouse.