Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bistro 990 – Toronto

I had the honor of being treated to dinner at this popular and charming bistro last night. The food is classic French with some pretty fabulous dishes to say the least. I had a terrible time choosing my meal, but luckily someone else was ordering one of the dishes I was torn between and assured me i'd be having some of his. Excellent! I started off with the Croquette de crabe. This tasty crab cake sat atop a bed of grilled corn and asparagus and had a yummy dollop of chipotle mayo on top. I then had the Fromage chèvre chaud, a nice, warm goat cheese, arugula and tomato confit salad. And for my main, it was a toss up between the special of the day – Venison, and their popular Steak Tartare mixed mild, medium or spicy. I went with medium and it had a nice little kick, but seemed more like mild, which is totally fine for me, i'm not huge on super hot stuff. It's probably one of the best steak tartare i've had and was very happy to have gone with that. As promised however, I did get to try the venison. It was very tender. With dinner we had a lovely, full bodied red wine that I wish I could remember the name of. I didn't write it down and I do regret it. I did however, write down the name of the delicious port we had after our meal. I actually got to try two, and both were fabulous – Smith Woodhouse and Dow's. I've actually always wanted to try a Dow's port and i'm very glad I did. I'm sure this won't be my last. I didn't order any dessert, but someone else did, and I probably ate half of it. She ordered the homemade coffee ice cream and that I would have to say was one of the major highlights of the dinner. It was so silky and smooth in your mouth I couldn't believe it. It was like frozen whipping cream, absolutely divine. The service was good. Slightly slower towards the end as they got busier. But the great atmosphere of a busy bistro and the company of great friends made for a perfect evening out.

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Anonymous said...

Italian Barolo, Fontana Freeda

Rachelle said...

Thank you! This was the delicious wine we had!