Friday, March 20, 2009

The Forum Dog – in Ottawa

Years ago one of my favourite things about going to a hockey game in Ottawa was getting a hot dog. One that I would top exaggeratedly with onions, relish and mustard. Then one year I noticed the onions went missing. I'm guessing a health concern having it out there? For whatever reason they decided to stop putting onions out at the then Corel Centre, now Scotiabank Place, it was upsetting. I almost cried. But information received through a gentleman during a train ride to Montreal shed some light on the situation. He told me about a secret spot near section 112 that served Forum Dogs! Oh yeah! There aren't any onions, but the toasty bun, which doesn't harden once it hits the cooler air, literally melts in your mouth (obviously from the butter used before toasting). I'm usually nowhere near that section when i'm at a hockey game, not even on that level. But it's worth whatever trek I have to make. And that's what I did last night. The place is called Captain's Corner. And i've never seen a line up. Although the Habs didn't make my night last night, the forum dog sure did!

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