Sunday, October 18, 2009

French Onion Soup and Veal Stew

As soon as I heard Dino's voice when I answered the phone today, I got excited. He will often call us on a Sunday afternoon to invite us over for dinner. The anticipation alone makes my mouth water. But now, as I write this after having eaten everything, I can barely keep my eyes open as I am so full I could fall asleep.

The smells when we walked into his house were enough to make you so thankful for just being alive. And then the appetizer was set in front of us – a delicious french onion soup, the bread still slightly crusty on top as it slowly sucked up all the juice below it. Soft slivers of onion filled the rich broth along with melted Gruyere cheese, crisp and golden on the top.

The veal cooked for two hours in a pot of mixed vegetables and water. The vegetables were then removed, saving only the meat and broth which was then added to some butter and flour to make it creamier.

Fresh parsley completed the mixture and it was set on a bed of German egg noodles. This comforting dish was exquisite and the veal just fell apart in your mouth it was so moist.

We drank one of my favourite wines with the meal, Duque de Viseu from Portugal.

Thanks so much Dino, for yet another fantastic meal!


Marysol said...

Rachelle!!! The pictures rock!!!

...and i wold like to be invited there too...

Rachelle said...

thanks! and you would LOVE it! he's a great cook!

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