Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

There's nothing more comforting than a turkey dinner. In the 9+ years my husband and I have been together I have to say that he has definitely perfected cooking a turkey. For some reason each year seems better than the last, even though each year has been outstanding. Always moist and tender. Never, ever, dry.

I picked up some fresh beans at the Ottawa Farmer's Market that morning. Jesse and Phil brought mashed potatoes, and my husband added squash to the mix. When the turkey came out of the oven I couldn't stop picking at the crispy bits of stuffing on the end.

Shortly after, a warm table setting surrounded by great friends heightened what a lucky person I am to have such wonderful people in my life and such glorious food.

Donnie brought the dessert, strawberry rhubarb pie (my favourite!) and pumpkin pie. The wine our guests brought were also definitely worth mentioning.

Le Clos Jordanne Pinot Noir from the Niagara Peninsula.

And Cinsaut Shiraz from South Africa.

In the afternoon before breaking into any of the wine bottles, I sipped on a Hockley Stout from Orangeville, Ontario. I decided to try this beer after reading When Stout Meets Stilton on The Delish Bite blog. Very chocolatey and yummy.


The Benny's said...

They turkey looks amazing! Clos de Jordanne is one of my favorite wines.. soooo jealous :-)

Rachelle said...

It was REALLY good!!


Apparently j'avais la best part du thanksgiving diner. Ma job c'était la stuffing, pis c'était ma first time. Ma blonde avait l'idée d'ajouter des saucisses, pougnés du bon stuff organiques pis toutes. But j'ai aussi réalisé que c'est tout' about les jus!!!

Rachelle said...

les jus, oui. But the stuffing is probably the most important in my book. The best part anyway. Saucisses eh? i'll have to try that (or get ry to).