Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Turkey and Swiss Chard Soup

Looks a lot like my chicken soup post doesn't it? On Sunday morning I went to the Ottawa Farmers' Market to get veggies for dinner. I had picked up some swiss chard but seeing as we already had a ton of food, we didn't use it. So tonight my husband made a savoury turkey soup with swiss chard, orzo and carrots.

My husband put all of the un-edible pieces of turkey into a pot yesterday, along with a ton of salt, and boiled it for hours. Today he added the following ingredients (in this order) to the stock.
- Carrots
- Celery
- Fried onions and garlic
- Swiss chard
- Green onion
- Leftover turkey
- Thyme
- Orzo (only takes 8 minutes to cook)

The end result was to die for. So tasty and comforting. Yummm.


Marysol said...

looks yummy!!!

btw, you never answered... why flax? i am just so curious, i never use it and don't know much about it apart that i love it in bread!

Rachelle said...

ah, it was my husband who answered on the blog post. He wrote: yup - i needed more breadcrumbs and just substituted. worked out great (husked flax seed) - healthy, too.

Hey, I just read your urban element post - a few hours after I posted my What We Eat post. I may become obsessed (like i'm not already) with food, but mainly local food and making the most of it. Thanks for that! I hope you don't mind, I added a link to it at the end of my post.

Marysol said...

no, add on and discover Ted Talks, they are awesome.

Food does become an obsession... so much of our budget goes on food, it is insane. At least it is not crappy take out.

i want your soup for my lunch tomorrow!!!

Marysol said...

and thanks for the comment explanation, never even thought it was your husband!!!

Rachelle said...

And I want YOUR blue cheese and bacon soup!!